About KP Performance Antennas


Welcome to KP Performance Antenna’s. The leading manufacturer of broadband antennas and accessories. One of the fastest growing antenna manufacturers, KP Performance is rapidly establishing its position as a global player in the broadband industry.

When KP Performance Antennas started in 2008, everyone who came onboard our staff had previously been involved in the wireless industry; either as an Internet provider, manager, installer or tech support. Our extensive experience installing and providing wireless internet as a WISP gave us the experience needed to be able to design and make antennas that we know work in the field, "Guaranteed".

We have been at the other end of the sale, trying to purchase a product that is reliable and performs well at a fair cost. KP Performance Antennas was founded on delivering just that, a product that truly does what we say it will. It is not only our goal but our mission. We don’t believe one product fits all and neither should you.

Having leading edge antennas takes hundreds of R&D hours to perfect each antenna. Our experienced RF engineers work hand in hand with our entire KP team to collectively pool our knowledge in the design and development of each of our antennas. KP Performance uses the best in class testing facilities all over North America to perfect our antennas in order to be a step above the rest. We don’t just say we have the best product… we have the data to back it up.

It all began by developing a reflector dish for the Motorola Canopy line that would outperform the existing model in all key performance areas. We followed this up with a claw mount designed to allow the SM to clip in place for ease of installation. Becoming the OEM reflector dish manufacturer for the Cambium Canopy line was the first step on our road to making a variety of antennas that continue to exceed industry standards. Since then we have focused on developing and perfecting our antenna line up to include Single and Dual Frequency sectors, mounts, and omni’s.

What is the reason for our continued success? We realized early on that part of the growth and success we achieve is due to our ability to adapt and problem solve product issues. A key part of that ability is to listen and accept the feedback from our customers. We are never complacent and are always looking for ways to improve our products. We found the best way to do that is by following up with our customers and really listening to their feedback. We have found that the best way to make a great product even greater is to incorporate the knowledge from the people who are on the front line using our product everyday; our customers. By doing this, we have grown our business from one antenna to over 80 products and we are continuing to grow.

Selling our products is not the end of our involvement.  We take pride in helping our customers every step of the way whether it be pre-sales questions, post-sales support, or simply a discussion on the industry challenges and emerging trends.

KP Performance Antenna’s. Great product, Great support, 100% Guaranteed.

Current warehouse locations:
Chicago, IL, USA
Edmonton, AB, Canada