Mikrotik Reflector Dish 2GHz and 5GHz 4 Pack Box


Length, Product: 23''
Width, Product: 18.5''
Height, Product: 1''
Weight, Product: 2.5 LBS

Mikrotik compatible reflector.


Wind Speed Load On Antenna Load (Newtons)
60 Kmph 14.0 lbs 62.5 N
80 Kmph 25.0 lbs 111.0 N
100 Kmph 39.0 lbs 173.5 N
120 Kmph 56.2 lbs 249.8 N
140 Kmph 76.4 lbs 340.0 N


  • Packaged in a 4 pack for cost effective shipping or 112 fit on a standard pallet.

  • The Mikrotik Radio mount, for easier installations

  • Easy access to the radios

  • ROHS compliant

  • Out performs any reflector on the market.

  • This dish can also utilize the Canopy claw Mount and Feedhorn antenna mounts

KP Performance Antennas provides reflectors designed for the Mikrotik SXT line of radios. KP's Mikrotik SXT 23 inch MTK24EWIFIDB elliptical reflector has been made with the same quality, performance and attention to detail as our very well known industry favorite Cambium Canopy Claw Mount reflectors. These reflectors also feature an integral skew adjustment in addition to the elevation adjustment to help with complicated installations. The Mikrotik radio mount is fully UV protected and guaranteed. In order to provide reasonable shipping, we fit four full Mikrotik reflector kits into one box measuring 24 x 21 x 9 inches allowing us to fit 80 reflectors pack onto one pallet 45 x 45 x 51 inches

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